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Who are we

Potan is a leading software development company, specializing in delivering flexible, scalable, and impactful solutions. Our expertise spans web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, APIs, enterprise software, AI, and data science. Beyond development, we offer IT training to upskill teams and manage tech events that foster industry networking and knowledge sharing.

Our mission

Creating high-impact software solutions that empower people and communities, offering flexibility, scalability, and meaning.

Our Vision

To be a force in empowering people and communities through innovative technology.

Our Team

Photo of Hero R. Mohammed
Hero R. Mohammed
Founder & Tech Lead
Photo of Bakhshin T. Fatih
Bakhshin T. Fatih
Co-Founder & NonTech Lead
Photo of Lhon R. Mohammed
Lhon R. Mohammed
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Photo of Akar  M. Saeed
Akar M. Saeed
UI/UX Designer & Senior Frontend Developer
Photo of Lavin S. Omer
Lavin S. Omer
Frontend Developer
Photo of Mohammed Fuad
Mohammed Fuad
Project Coordinator
Photo of Dolan Hêriş
Dolan Hêriş
Data And Python Engineer
Photo of Danya Salam
Danya Salam
Finance Officer
Photo of Ahura Jaff
Ahura Jaff
Frontend Developer & Content Creator Intern

Our Clients

Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/krg_1_6db21b8b96.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/aryan_post_2f792d2997.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/c4jr_398bff394f.png
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Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/hama_advertising_af276f53ef.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/giz_d92d4208bc.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/fix_it_3a55bdfe26.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/iraqi_tech_ventures_3ec53a1cf9.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/familly_mall_5433be4775.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/kazo_d6a789acc3.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/iq_online_16866a87c1.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/jiyan_foundation_5f598626fc.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/mediastar_b160d580b5.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/sardam_post_19a775a3b0.png
Logo of https://api.potan.io/uploads/passar_6d629b9370.png
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