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Managing IT Learning and Events

Potan's Bit Program eradicates unemployment through tech skills enhancement and community promotion. Join our dynamic events and projects to shape the future of tech innovation


Potan's Bit Program is a multifaceted initiative aimed at eradicating unemployment by enhancing tech skills and fostering the tech community. Through meticulously crafted projects, including coding bootcamps, training sessions, and tech events such as workshops, festivals, and hackathons, we strategically realize our vision of creating relevant and efficient tech skills. With a focus on reskilling individuals for job opportunities, Bit Program serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the tech ecosystem.


Bit Bootcamps

Eradicating unemployment by enhancing tech skills.
Curriculum Development
Coding Bootcamps
Training sessions
Graduation Ceremony


Bringing the coding community together to work in teams and turn their ideas into technological solutions.
End-to-End Management
Platform Provision
Mentorship and Support
Networking Opportunities
Prize and Incentive Management
Diverse Challenges
Data Privacy and Security
Post-Hackathon Support
Analytics and Insights

Tech Festivals

Experience the ultimate fusion of innovation and inspiration, where every moment sparks creativity and connection.
Diverse Tech Tracks
Keynote Speakers and Thought Leaders
Interactive Workshops and Demos
Startup Showcase and Pitch Competitions
Networking Opportunities
Career Fair and Recruitment Events
Panel Discussions and Expert Panels

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