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Potan's tech consultancy empowers businesses and individuals with strategic guidance and expert insights, unlocking potential in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


At Potan, our tech consultancy service acts as a guiding beacon for clients, including individuals, navigating the complexities of the digital landscape. With a wealth of industry expertise and strategic foresight, we collaborate closely with our clients to identify their tech needs, devise robust solutions, and pave the way for transformative success. Whether you're a startup seeking direction, an established enterprise in need of fresh perspectives, or an individual navigating modern technology, our consultancy services are tailored to empower your tech ventures and drive innovation.


Free - Basic

Starting At


Startups and individuals at the early stages of software development.
45 minutes session with a software consultant
Preliminary analysis of your software needs
Basic advice on technology stacks and solutions
Overview of potential strategies and next steps

Advanced - min 2 hours

Starting At

100 USD/Hour

Clients who need more in-depth guidance on their software projects.
Minimum 2 hours of consultancy
In-depth project scope and requirement analysis
Technology stack evaluation and recommendations
Strategic planning and roadmap development
Follow-up summary report

Premium - min 10 hours

Starting At

200 USD/hour

Complex projects needing extensive analysis, planning, and strategic guidance.
Minimum 10 hours of consultancy
Comprehensive project and technology analysis
Detailed strategic planning and architecture design
Cost estimation and timeline planning
Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
Multiple sessions to cover all aspects of the project

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